There are 3 doors into the building.  The front double doors can be accessed by steps or a ramp.  There is accessible parking at the front. These doors take you into the sanctuary/auditorium.  Those using wheelchairs will have access to bathrooms and a water fountain on this main floor, but will not be able to get down to the Sunday School classrooms or the fellowship hall as there are 3 steps that go down into that hallway.

You will also see a long, one floor, extension of our church to the right of it as you face the front.  There is a door there, also with a ramp.  This is next to our fellowship hall and Sunday School rooms.  If you use a wheelchair, you will not be able to get to the sanctuary/auditorium from this door though.  We have 3 steps at the end of this hallway to go up to the main part of the church.

At the side of the church (again on the right, facing the main doors), there is another entrance that is not accessible for those using wheelchairs.  There are 3 steps leading to it and another step up into the building.  

If you are coming to the food pantry, you want to use the door nearest the fellowship hall, at the end of the long extension.