UBC Constitution and Bylaws




The name of this organization shall be UTICA BAPTIST CHURCH.



Section 1. Admission:

This church shall be composed of individuals who have given satisfactory evidence of repentance toward God and faith in Jesus Christ for salvation, and will enter into this church’s covenant and will unite with this body upon the vote of the church at a regularly scheduled business meeting. In order to be considered for membership, the prospective member must:

  • Meet with the pastor and a deacon from the church.
  • Agree with the Utica Baptist Church Membership Covenant.
  • Agree with the beliefs of Utica Baptist Church outlined in the Baptist Faith and Message 2000.
  • Must unite with the body in one of the following ways:
    • Baptism—All persons professing faith in the Lord Jesus Christ shall be presented publicly by the pastor or authorized person to assure the church that those received for baptism have felt themselves to be guilty, ruined, hopeless sinner, and, under a sense of their lost condition, have trusted in Christ for salvation.
    • Letter—Members from other Baptist churches holding like faith and order may be received as members with us by letter of dismission from such churches. Individuals coming on promise of letter shall not be considered regular members and in fellowship until receipt of said letter.
    • Experience or Restoration—All applicants for membership, other than by baptism or by letter—that is, by Christian experience, or by statement, if previously baptized; or by restoration—shall be received into the church in the same way as those by baptism, except that this ordinance shall not be administered. If they have not been properly baptized this ordinance shall be required. By vote of the church, excluded members may be restored to full membership upon profession of their error and giving evidence of repentance. This church shall not receive excluded members from other Baptist churches unless the church believes the exclusion to be unjustified.


Section 2. Dismission:

Members shall be dismissed from this church by one of the following methods:

  • Death:

Names of all deceased members shall be removed from the church roll at the next regular business meeting following the knowledge of such deaths.

  • Letters of Good Standing and Fellowship:

Any member in good standing and fellowship who desires a letter of dismission and recommendation to any other Baptist church of like faith and order is entitled to receive it upon receipt of the request of the church to which he is going. This church shall not grant letters directly to individuals.

  • Joining Any Other Church:

Any member who unites with any other shall cease to be a member and shall have his name removed from the roll of this church.

  • Offense to the Church:
    • Should any unhappy differences arise between members the aggrieved member shall follow, in a tender spirit, the rules given by our Lord in the eighteenth chapter of Matthew.
    • Should any cause of gross breach of covenant, or of public scandal occur, the deacons shall endeavor to remove the offense; and if such efforts fail, shall report the case to the church.
    • If the church votes to entertain a complaint, which must be in writing, it shall appoint a reasonable time and place of hearing and notify the person in question thereof, furnishing him with a copy of all the charges.
    • All such proceedings shall be pervaded by a spirit of Christian kindness and forbearance, but should an adverse decision be reached, the church may proceed to admonish or declare the offender to be no longer in the membership of the church.
    • In case of grave difficulty, the church will be ready, if requested, to ask the advice of an acceptable council from neighboring churches.

Should a member become an offense to the church and to its good name by reason of immoral or unchristian conduct, or by persistent breach of his covenant vows of the church, the church may, after due notice and hearing, and after faithful efforts have been made to bring such a member to repentance and amendment, terminate his membership. Membership shall be terminated, except by letter of good standing and fellowship, at the meeting where the recommendation to the church for such action is made.


Section 3. Duties;

Members are expected to;

  1. Be faithful in all the essentials to the Christian life;
  2. Attend habitually the services of this church;
  3. Contribute regularly for its support and its causes;
  4. Share in its organizations;
  5. Strive for the ideals of our church as set forth in our church covenant.


Section 4. Rights:

Such resident members as are in regular standing and fellowship may act and vote in the transactions of this church.







Section 1. Calling and Election:

Whenever a vacancy occurs, a pulpit committee, of not less than five (5) nor more than seven (7) known spiritual leaders, shall be appointed by the moderator, or if the moderator is not available, by the assistant moderator, and be confirmed by the church during a business meeting.


The pulpit committee shall bring to the consideration of the church only one man at a time.


Section 2. Terms of Agreement:

After the pulpit committee has agreed on a nomination, and before the meeting for the purpose of voting on a nominee, the pulpit committee shall contact the prospective candidate for the purpose of reaching tentative terms of agreement. This agreement shall be in writing and shall be read at the time the nomination is placed before the church and will be approved or rejected on the church’s part with the nomination. It shall stipulate the amount of salary, vacation, sick leave, number of revival meetings to be held by pastor each year in other churches, arrangements and agreements for pulpit supplies, duties and other obligations of the contracting parties before any call or election is considered complete. The moderator, clerk, and chairman of the deacons signing on behalf of the church. One copy shall be retained by the clerk, one by the treasurer, and one by the pastor. Refusal of any of the above officers to sign said contract, after the election of the pastor by the church, shall terminate his term of office and his successor will be required to sign.


Section 3. Method of Voting: Number of Votes Requited to Elect:

The election of the pastor shall be by ballot: 90% majority of votes cast being necessary to elect. unanimous vote shall be striven for.


Section 4. General Duties:

It shall be the pastor’s responsibility to lead worship services including, Sunday Morning Service, Sunday Evening Service, Wednesday Night Service, and Special Services such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, and Revival. The Pastor will preach and teach the Bible, God’s Holy Word, in all the worship services of the church.

 These are the meeting the pastor will preside at Staff, Church Council, and Special Meeting he calls. He will set in on all other meetings.(not sure he needs to necessarily set in on all meetings)

 He will visit the members of the church, particularly the sick and distressed; shave (?) in charge the welfare and oversight of the church.



In the absence of the Pastor the church will form an Interim Pastor Search Committee to fill the pulpit for all the church services until a permanent Pastor is able to be on the field. In addition to filling the pulpit they will interview candidates and present one at a time to be voted on by the church. This committee will be selected by the same method as the Pastor Search Committee.





There shall be elected annually, to serve a one-year term, a moderator. He/she shall be nominated by the nominating committee elected to nominate the general officers of the church. At the same time, there shall be elected an assistant moderator to serve in the absence of the moderator. In the absence of both the moderator and the assistant moderator, the clerk shall call the meeting to order and a moderator pro-tem to serve as moderator for that meeting shall be elected. In the absence of the pastor, the moderator or assistant moderator shall receive and present to the church persons seeking church membership.




Section 1. System of Deaconship:

The church shall have a rotating system for its deacons.


Section 2. Term of Office:

The term of office shall be for three years.


Section 3. Length of ineligibility:

Men rotating off the deacon committee shall be ineligible for re-election for a period of one-year.


Section 4. Number:

The church shall determine the number of deacons actively serving by majority vote.


Section 5. Nomination, Election of Active Deacons:

The annual deacon election of active deacons shall be in August by a special called business meeting. To be eligible for election, he must be a member of this church for at least one year.

  1. Prior to the election date for active deacons, all inactive deacons shall be contacted by the pastor and/or active deacons to determine if they will serve if elected to active status.
  2. The moderator shall cause to be written on a chalkboard the names of all ordained deacons in the membership, excluding such ordained deacons that have stated they will not serve if elected, and those actively serving.
  3. Each member present shall then write on a slip of paper the three names of his choice for consideration as active deacons. The names may be chosen from the list on the chalkboard and/or the church roll.
  4. The slips of paper (ballots) shall then be collected by the active deacons. The top six individuals of all names submitted shall now be placed on the chalkboard after the first list has been removed. The number of votes for each name shall never be made public.
  5. Each member present shall now write on a slip of paper the three names of his choice from the new list on the chalkboard.
  6. The slips of paper (ballots) shall then be collected by the active deacons and counted by them.
  7. (1) If three names receive a majority of the votes cast, the election is over.

(2) If two names receive a majority of the votes cast, the members present shall vote again—this time voting for the one name out of the four (4) remaining. If one name receives a majority of the votes, the election is over. If a majority is not received by one name, then the name or names receiving no votes and names receiving the fewest votes shall be removed from the list. This procedure shall be followed until one name receives a majority of the votes cast.

(3) If one name receives a majority of the votes cast on the first ballot, the procedure shall then be repeated as outlined above until the required number is elected.


Section 6. Vacancy:

In the event a vacancy occurs in the body of active deacons during the year, then at the next regular business meeting of the church, a member shall be elected to fill the unexpired term of the departed member, unless the church votes to leave the term vacant. The method of election shall be as outlined above.


Section 7. Tenure of Deaconship;

The tenure of office is indefinite. This does not mean for life, but according to service. The office of deacon may be terminated in one of the following manners.

  1. By his own request.
  2. Because of age. It shall be pertinent for the church to promote to honorary membership any deacon who by reason of age or infirmities shall, after honorable service, be no longer able to render active service.
  3. By action of the church because of:
    1. Lapse into gross immorality;
    2. Doctrinal lapse;
    3. Development of such disposition and attitude as will adversely affect his influence;
    4. Should become a destroyer of fellowship and a fermenter of strife.
  4. If in any way he should become a definite hinderer of Christ’s cause.


Section 8. Authority and Responsibility for Office:

The church has the authority and is responsible to remove from office any and all deacons not complying with the First Timothy 3 qualifications of deaconship or who cannot actively serve. A deacon may be removed from office by a majority of votes cast at a regular business meeting, at which time is has been duly proven that the deacon so charged, is unworthy of his office according to Article III, Deacons, Section 7, Tenure of Deaconship, or has failed to conduct his office as prescribed in Section 9, Duties.


Section 9. Duties;

In accordance with the meaning of the Word and the practices of the First Timothy 3, Deacons are to be servants of the church.

  1. They are to be zealous to guard the unity of the spirit in the bonds of peace.
  2. The deacon body shall serve as a council of advice and conference with the pastor in all matters pertaining to the welfare and work of the church. With the pastor, they are to consider and formulate plans for the constant effort and progress of the church in all things pertaining to the saving of souls, the development of Christians, and the extension and growth of the Kingdom of God.
  3. By proper organization and method among themselves, they are to establish and maintain personal fraternal relations with, and inspiring oversight of all the membership of the church. Especially are they to seek to know the physical needs and the moral and spiritual struggles of the brethren and sisters; and to serve the whole church in relieving, encouraging, and developing all who are in need.
  4. In counsel with the pastor, and by such methods as the Holy Spirit may direct in accordance with the New Testament teachings, the deacon body is to have oversight of the discipline of the church, in administering which, they are to be guided always by the principles set forth in Matthew 18:15-17; 1 Corinthians 5:9-13; 1 Thessalonians 5:12-14. The deacons shall be free to call upon any member of the church to aid in disciplinary action.


Section 10. Method of Procedure:

  1. The deacon body shall be organized as a unit for the consideration of all larger problems and general policies, and shall meet monthly. They may organize themselves into such committees as their wisdom may direct for efficiency in service.
  2. The deacon body shall apportion the membership of the church among themselves or make plans whereby the entire membership may have the benefit of the oversight in Christ of their brethren.
  3. Each deacon shall freely confer with the pastor about matters and cases of discipline, which in his judgment would be most wisely, and spiritually handled in private.
  4. The deacon body will be responsible for the preparation and serving of the Lord’s Supper.




Section 1. Election:

The church shall elect annually a church clerk.


Section 2. Duties and Responsibilities:

The clerk of the church shall keep in a suitable book a record of all the actions of the church, except as otherwise herein provided. He/she shall keep a register of the names of members with date of admission, dismission, or death, together with a record of baptisms. He/she shall issue letters of dismission, voted by the church, preserve on file all communications and written official reports and give legal notice of all meetings where such notice is necessary, as indicated by these bylaws. The clerk shall consider it a part of his responsibility to promote loyalty and efficiency in church life.


Section 3. Assistant Clerk:

  1. The church shall elect annually an assistant clerk.
  2. The assistant clerk shall assist the clerk in carrying out his/her duties and shall take over in his/her absence.




Section 1. Election:

The church shall elect annually a church treasurer.


Section 2. Duties and Responsibilities:

It shall be the duty of the treasurer to receive, through the counting and receiving committee; preserve; and pay out, upon receipt of bill or voucher, all money of things of value, paid or given to the church; keeping at all times an itemized account of all receipts and disbursements. Payment of bills for all local work and expenses shall be made promptly by check, (this does not prohibit the church from having a petty cash system). All funds received for denominational or other causes shall be remitted at least monthly by a check. A general order shall be made by the church directing the treasurer to draw checks at a stated time in favor of person drawing regular salaries or for payment of mission money paid in or designated benevolences. No check shall be issued, except salaries and items stipulated in the annual budget and only those so directed by the general order of the church, until a bill or voucher has been received. The treasurer shall sign all check. It shall be the duty of the treasurer to render to the church body at each regular monthly meeting an itemized report of receipts and disbursements for the preceding month. Within thirty days after the end of each fiscal year, the treasurer shall render to the church an annual report showing the total amount of receipts, and an itemized statement of all disbursements. Prior to the rendition of this report, upon its completion by the treasurer, the finance and auditing committee shall audit the report, and their signatures placed at the end of the report before the church shall accept it. All books, records, and accounts kept by the treasurer shall be considered property of the church. The books shall be open for inspection at all times by any member of the church.


Upon rendering the annual report at the end of each fiscal year, and its approval by the finance and auditing committee, and its acceptance and approval by the church, the same shall be delivered by the treasurer to the church clerk, who shall keep and preserve it as a part of the permanent record of the church. The treasurer, shall upon the election of his/her successor, at the completion of his/her fiscal report, promptly deliver to his/her successor, records, and accounts in his/her hands pertaining or relating to in any manner the duties of the office he/she is relinquishing. He/she shall consider it a part of his/her responsibility to promote in every proper way scriptural giving on the part of the entire membership of the church.


Section 3. Assistant Treasurer:

  1. The church shall elect annually an assistant treasurer.
  2. The assistant treasurer shall assist the treasurer in carrying out his/her duties and shall take over in his/her absence.




Section 1. Election:

The church shall elect the chairman of the ushers and the regular ushers as other church officers.


Section 2. Duties and Responsibilities:

The ushers shall be responsible to care for the greeting and comfort of the congregation; the greeting and introduction of visitors; the prevention of interruptions and distractions and similar needed services. They shall also receive the tithes and offerings.




Section 1. Minister of Music:

  1. Election: He shall be called according to the same guidelines used for calling a pastor in Part A., Sections 1 through 3.
  2. Duties: He shall be responsible for the general music of the church and direct such choirs as deemed necessary.


Section 2. Organist:

The church shall elect the organist annually as other church officers. The organist shall be responsible for playing the organ for worship service and other services as deemed necessary.


Section 3. Assistant Organist:

The church shall elect the assistant organist annually as other church officers. The assistant organist shall assist the regular organist and shall take over in the absence of the regular organist.


Section 4. Pianist:

The church shall elect the pianist annually as other church officers. The pianist shall be responsible for playing the piano for worship services and other services as deemed necessary.


Section 5. Assistant Pianist:

The church shall elect the assistant pianist annually as other church officers. The assistant pianist shall assist the regular pianist and shall take over in the absence of the regular pianist.




Section 1. General Director:

The church shall elect the general Sunday School Director annually as other officers. His duties shall be those ordinarily designated in the approved denomination standards.


Section 2. Associate Director:

The church shall elect the general associate director of the Sunday School annually as other church officers. His/her duties shall be those ordinarily designated in the approved convention standards.




Section 1. General Director:

The church shall elect the General Director of Church Training annually as other church officers. His duties shall be those ordinarily designated in the approved convention standards.


Section 2. Associate Director:

The Church shall elect the Associate Director of Church Training annually as other church officers. His/her duties shall be those ordinarily designated in the approved convention standards.




The general officers of the Women’s Missionary Union shall be elected by the WMU. The Director and Presidents shall be submitted to the church and approved by the church body. The duties of these officers and committees shall be those designated by the approved WMU Standards.



The officers of the Baptist Brotherhood shall be elected annually by the Brotherhood. The director and president shall be submitted to the church and approved by the church body. The duties of these officers shall be those ordinarily designated in the approved convention standards.




The church shall elect the associational board members as other church officers. They shall represent the church, along with the pastor, at all associational board meetings.




Section 1. Trustees:

The committee of Trustees, consisting of three members, one-third of whom shall be elected annually to serve for three years and/or until their successor shall be elected. The member with one year to serve shall be the chairman. They will hold in trust the property of the church. They shall have no power to buy, sell, mortgage, lease, or transfer any property without a specific vote of the church authorizing such action. They shall be responsible for safeguarding the church in matters of insurance. They shall have charge of the administration and upkeep of the grounds and buildings of the church, including the pastorium. They also shall have the power to employ or discharge the church custodian.


Section 2. Music:

The music committee shall consist of Music Director, Pianist, Sound Tech, and a Choir Member. It shall be the duty of the music committee to give guidance and aid to the church in a music program, according to the standards of the Southern Baptist Music Department. This committee shall be responsible for supervision and carrying out the music program of the church and shall give assistance and help to the pastor and music director.


Section 3. Offering Counting:

The offering counting committee shall be composed of six members. This committee shall receive and count all money for the church. The committee shall see that the money is properly deposited.


Section 4. Finance and Auditing:

The finance and auditing committee composed of 3 members shall audit the church treasurer’s books and accounts and make a report of such audit to the church at the end of each fiscal year, the month of August. The books may be audited at any time at the discretion of this committee. They may appoint or employ additional help for this purpose.


Section 5. Nursery:

The nursery committee shall consist of three members. This committee shall be responsible for the operation of our nurseries for all stated services. They shall give the church guidance in nursery policy and make recommendations to the church for the nursery work.


Section 6. Cemetery:

The cemetery shall be under the supervision of the Utica Baptist Church Cemetery, Inc. (hereby referred to as UBCC. Inc.) The directors of the UBCC, Inc. shall be appointed by the nominating committee and approved by the church annually serving a one-year term. Directors may be reappointed for consecutive years if deemed appropriate and/or necessary. The church also has, by a two-thirds majority vote, the authority to remove, at any time, any director from office who, by their behavior, character or attitude, threatens the reputation of the church or the cemetery.

The directors shall have the power to act on behalf of the church in maintaining and overseeing the supervision of the cemetery as specified in the UBCC, Inc. Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws. These actions do not have to be preapproved by the church. However, any action or transaction performed by the UBCC, Inc. or its directors that is deemed morally or ethically inappropriate or in direct conflict with the standards of direction of the church, shall be brought before the church at any regular or special business meeting and by two-thirds majority vote considered revoked or null and void.

The directors must also submit a written report at each regular monthly business meeting of the church. The report shall consist of the following:

  1. Business or activity of the directors in regard to the cemetery. This section shall include, but not be limited to, plots sold, including price; burials, tombstones erected, excavations, etc., unusual or irregular maintenance, and other non-financial transactions.
  2. Financial Report. This section shall include, but not be limited to, financial transactions performed by the directors, account balances, and any other financial transactions.


Section 8. Church Library:

The church library committee shall be composed of three members whose duties shall be to take care of the library and make such recommendations concerning books to be secured for same in keeping with approved convention standards


Section 9. Budget:

The budget committee shall be composed of the following members: Moderator, Chairman of the Deacons, Treasurer, Brotherhood Director, WMU Director, Sunday School Director, Church Training Director, Chairman of Trustees, and two members from the church at large appointed by the moderator. It shall be the responsibility of this committee to meet at the first convenient date in November each year in order that the proposed budget for the next budget year shall be presented to the church during the December business meeting. The proposed budget shall be all inclusive, indicating by items, the amount needed and sought for all local expenses and purposes, and, in like manner for all denominational or other local causes. This committee shall be responsible for promoting the budget and the enlistment of each member of the church to contribute regularly to the budget of the church according to the teachings of the New Testament.


Section 10. Memorial Plaque:

The Memorial Plaque Committee shall consist of one member who shall be responsible for the Memorial Plaque ministry as performed by the church.


Section 11. Kitchen:

The kitchen committee shall consist of three members. It shall be the duty of the kitchen committee to formulate policies and practices for the use of the kitchen and bring such to the church for approval. This committee will be responsible for carrying out these policies.


Section 12. Nominating

The nominating committee shall be appointed by the pastor at the May business meeting and shall be confirmed by the church at that time. It shall consist of the pastor, ex-officio, and four other members selected by him. It shall be the duty of the nominating committee to bring to the church nominations of officers and committees as provided for in the bylaws. The committee shall canvass the church rolls and otherwise seek to discover persons suitable and qualified for office; hearing and tactfully obtaining from the members expressions as to preference for persons to fill various offices. The committee shall at the June business meeting nominate the following: moderator, assistant moderator, church clerk, treasurer, assistant treasurer, chairman of the ushers, Sunday School Director, Church Training Director, WMU Director, trustee, Missions Director, and Children’s Church Director.


At the July business meeting, this committee, supplemented by the Sunday School Director and Church Training Director, shall nominate church training directors, assistant church training directors, departmental Sunday School directors, organist, assistant organist, pianist, assistant pianist, assistant church clerk, children’s church teachers, and other committee chairmen.


At the August business meeting, this committee, supplemented by the departmental Sunday School Director, and departmental Church Training directors, shall nominate and bring before the church the following: a complete list of all teachers, leaders, and departmental officers.


At the September business meeting, this committee, if necessary, shall seek to fill any vacancy occurring by nominating and presenting to the church such names as deemed necessary. In each case, the nominations will call for election by the church at its discretion, with any changes it may decide to make. Following their election, a public installation service may be held. The duties of these officers, directors, teachers, and leaders shall be those herein prescribed and those ordinarily designated in the approved convention standards.


Section 13. Special:

Special committees shall be elected or appointed as the occasion arises at the discretion of the church membership.


Section 14. Personnel:

The Personnel Committee shall consist of five members elected annually. The committee at its first meeting following election shall select a chairman.


Where it does not conflict with other provisions of the Constitution and Bylaws, the duties of this committee are:

  1. To write job descriptions for Pastor, Minister of Music, and Youth Minister and evaluate the performances thereof.
  2. To be responsible for the addition or removal of paid personnel where not included already in the Constitution and Bylaws.
  3. To recommend annually to the Budget Committee salary planning for the paid personnel as well as benefits such as vacation, sick leave, travel expenses, etc.


Items 1 and 2 shall be brought to the church for approval or rejection.



By working with adolescent and children through youth ministry you should gain a closer relationship to Christ with guidance and spiritual support.

                 YOUTH MINISTER IS EXPECTED TO :       

  1. Oversee and carry out mission and vision
  2. Encourage and nurture youth as well as their family’s
  3. Explore different ways to inspire, motivated and keep them involved in church
  4. Work cooperatively with other church to develop ministry events for youth
  5. To follow Church Covenant and  By Laws of the Church





Section 1. Individual Obligation:

It is understood that membership in this church involves financial obligation to support the church and its causes with regular proportionate gifts. We believe that the tithe shall therefore be immediately encouraged, to make contribution to the church budget, according to the teachings of the New Testament.


Section 2. Church Budget:

This church shall have an all-inclusive budget, indicating by items, the amount needed and sought for all local expenses and purposes and like manner, for all denominational or other approved non-local causes.


Section 3. Budget Committee:

See Section 9, Division M, Committees.


Section 4. Special Offerings:

The church shall list in its annual budget, adopted by the church, the special offerings that will be sought by the church. Any additional special offerings that may be sought by the church will be only upon the vote of the church membership. This does not preclude individuals making special offerings at any time the Spirit of God moves them.


Section 5. Church Funds:

All funds for any and all purposes shall pass through the hands of the Offering Counting Committee to the treasury, and properly recorded on the books of the church. The expenses of all organizations, as approved by the church, shall be paid from the local expenses fund as herefore provided.


Section 6. Church Accounts:

Receipts from all sources shall be kept in separate accounts; such as general budget, building, property, etc. From the general budget account, all expenses shall be paid as the church may direct.





Section 1. Worship:

Public worship services shall be held stately on the Lord’s Day and on Wednesday of each week.

  • The Lord’s Supper shall be commemorated on the first Sunday of each quarter, or at such other times as the church may determine.
  • Special religious meetings may be designated by the pastor at his discretion, or by vote of the church.


Section 2. Business:

  • The monthly business meeting of the church shall be held the second Sunday night of every odd numbered month, i.e. January, March, May, etc.
  • The pastor may; and shall when requested by the deacons, trustees, or a standing committee; call from the pulpit special business meeting; the particular object of the meeting being clearly stated in the notice.
  • The body recognizes Robert’s Rules of Order, Revised, as our parliamentary authority.


Section 3. Quorum:

Ten percent of the resident membership shall constitute a quorum. For the call of a pastor, twenty-five percent of the resident membership shall be necessary.


Section 4. Time:

The membership will set the time of services.





Section 1. Duties:

The church council upon being established by authorization of the church, shall seek to correlate and coordinate the activities and organizations of the church, yet with advisory powers only.


Section 2. Composition:

The council, unless otherwise determined by vote of the church, shall be composed of the pastor, staff members, clerk, treasurer, chairman of the deacons, and each division of the church organizations – Sunday School, Church Training, WMU, Brotherhood, and one member of the congregation at large, appointed by the moderator.


Section 3. Meetings:

The council shall meet as needed, or on call of the pastor at any time deemed necessary.


Section 4. Functions:

The function of the council may be indicated by the following agenda, subject to change as occasion my require: (1) Scripture reading and prayer; (2) reports of progress since last meeting; (3) calendar of activities and meeting for the month or the quarter ahead; (4) problems which need joint consideration; (5) needs which should be supplied cooperatively; (6) objectives which call for teamwork; (7) Spiritual emphasis in which all may join; (8) denominational calendar which should be taken into account: (9) season of prayer for special objects.


Section 5. Action:

All matters agreed upon by the council, calling for action not already provided for, shall be referred to :the church for approval or disapproval.





This constitution and accompanying bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds majority vote of the members present in accordance with the rules of a quorum, as stated in Article V No change shall be made in “Article of Faith” and “Covenant” except by a two-thirds majority vote of all members of the church present in accordance with the rules of the quorum, as stated in Article V., Section 3 of these bylaws, said proposed change having been laid before the church in writing at a business meeting not less than a month before the proposed action and read from the pulpit on the Lord’s Day succeeding such proposal.





Section 1. The guidelines for use of Utica Church facilities:

No such meetings shall be scheduled when they conflict with regular church or Association activities.

  1. A $100.00 fee will charged if you or your family is not a member of the church. If the church is in order and clean you get $50.00 back.
  2. Person responsible for use of church facilities shall be held responsible for damages made to any church property during said use; and repair or replacement of damaged property will be required.
  3. No commercial or profit-making meeting or spiritually immoral activities shall be permitted.
  4. All groups are responsible for leaving the building in the same condition in which they found it.
  5. The party involved is expected to have proper supervision at all times, and shall confine themselves to the portion, or portions of the building agreed upon.
  6. Smoking is not permitted inside the building. No dancing, drugs, or alcoholic beverage are permitted on the premises.


Section 2. Weddings

In the event that Utica Church is being used for a marriage ceremony of non- church members the following guidelines must also be followed:

  1. Both parties must be born-again Christians.
  2. An ordained minister of a Christian denomination must perform the ceremony.
  3. In following the teaching of the Holy Bible recognizing marriage between one man and one woman, our facilities may only be used for these kinds of weddings.


This document was voted on and approved January 19, 2014. This revision supersedes all previous copies.